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me_singing_the_bluesMy name is Johnny Brandt. My folks started me in music lessons when I was just six years old. I loved the music, but I hated the practice. And what my teacher had me playing was nothing like what I heard on my favorite blues and rock albums. Oh, and my Dad had some good ones; Muddy Waters, BB King, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and on and on. Blues music really speaks to me, I love it.

So, when I was supposed to be practicing my weekly “lesson” I was usually off in my room with headphones on trying to learn the cool guitar licks off of those records. I stayed with the lessons for a few years, but soon I just had to do what felt right to me.

While playing along with the greats on those records was fun, there comes a time when you want to express yourself and play the melodies that you feel. For a long time I just had to play the guitar by myself when I wanted to do that, and of course that doesn’t inspire you for very long. That’s when I discovered what another friend of mine called ‘jam tracks.”

It was like you took those classic records and just removed the guitar player and now it was all up to you. I must’ve played with those backing tracks for hours upon hours, day in and day out. Finally, it felt like I was really playing. And it was great practice too.

I still play and practice with them today. And they’ve helped me get a chance to play with a few real blues bands in my local area. At first I just went to jam nights. Eventually I got known and have actually been asked to do a few paying gigs around town. Now that’s a blast.

My wish here with this site is to help you discover some of the greatest and happiest moments that I’ve had over the years playing with quality blues backing tracks. I look forward to offering my recommendations and receiving your feeedback, and maybe even some recordings of you playing along with your favorite jam tracks.

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